Simply Beautiful By LC

Inspired artwork for you home, office, or special event

From a very young age I loved to create and organize things. Whether it was with my Lisa Frank art kits or rearranging furniture and dish cabinets in my grandparents home. I was always trying to make things functional and beautiful. Over the years my love for art and design grew, and I always knew that I wanted to create a career with my passion.

Soon after graduating college, from Georgia State University, with a major in Interior Design, I started working at Gensler, an interior design and architecture firm in Atlanta. There, I had the opportunity to grow my experience and expertise as designer, and work on many great projects. After having my first son, I decided that home was the place I needed to be. Now, I have taken my previous life experiences as a designer & mother, and my love for art & design, and turned it into a business. I now own and create art for Simply Beautiful By LC, where I offer inspirational artwork for homes, offices, and special events.

Why Did I Start This Business?
When asked the question, "what is your biggest advice for a new mom?" my advice would be the same advice I would give anyone, and that would be to surround yourself with positivity. You will have amazing days when you will know that having your little one was the best thing you and your partner have ever done in your life. Then you will have those days when you will look at your life and wonder, "what in the world were we thinking!" After having our second baby, I felt like my life was spinning out of control. My sweet carefree Bryson, turned into a rambunctious and attention starved toddler, and I gave birth to a sweet yet very needy and unimpressed Bentley. Everything I had learned about parenting with Bryson, was completely turned upside down, because Bentley was polar opposite. 

I remember sitting in church (my one chance to just sit, listen, and do nothing) and our speaker would say something really positive or read a verse that would really encourage me, and I would think, "that would have really helped me yesterday... I need to remember that." So I started printing out quotes and verses, on little 3x3 cards to line my staircase and remind myself of those positive quotes daily. It wasn't very pretty, but it was a great help to encourage, inspire, or just make me laugh throughout the day. 

Now my little babies are two and four. Things have gotten progressively easier for our family, so I decided to take those 3x3 cards off my wall, and replace them with a more beautiful look. That is where this business was born. I have combined the simplicity of surrounding yourself with positivity with the beauty of art. To help everyone surround themselves with positivity and humor daily. 

What Do I Love Most About My Business?
What I love about this business is that it is uplifting to everyone no matter what your circumstances are. We are all going through things in life that require encouragement. It is my hope that this shop will help anyone who is fighting their life battle. If you have a particular quote that you would like in your home or office, I am happy to come up with a design that fits your lifestyle.