Simply Beautiful By LC

Inspired artwork for you home, office, or special event

My Favorite Materials:

I use a variety of mediums to make artwork, my favorite supplies has to be my heat reactive foil, glitter paper, and of course my sharpie markers. I also love combining these materials with some bright patterns to add some extra pop. The combination of bright colors and foil and/or glitter add a unique spin on all the trendy gold decor. All of my gallery-quality artwork is made to last using high-quality cardstock paper.

The Idea

I am a true believer that it is my responsibility to myself and those around me to create my own happiness in my life. I enjoy creating art that surrounds my living spaces with positivity and happiness to help me through life's daily ups and downs and encourages others to live positively as well. I believe that art is the perfect way to express who you are and what you love. Of all the items in your home, art is the most expressive, and with Simply Beautiful By LC, you always have the option to customize my designs to fit your unique lifestyle.

Style & Quality

It is my mission to offer high quality, handmade art with your unique personality to liven up your homes, offices, and special events.  Order one statement print, or you can dream up an entire gallery wall. And whether you frame it or hang as-is, your walls will be big on inspiration while being easy on your budget. Note: I use only REAL GLITTER paper and REAL FOIL in all of my artwork. Your art will sparkle and shine depending on the way the light hits it. This is NOT a print of glitter or foil, this means that your artwork will have true texture and shine that a typical print will not give.

100% Handmade

Every item in my shop is handmade by yours truly, and framed using high quality gallery style frames. Artwork does not leave my shop without my approval. I have very high standards for my artwork, and If it is not the quality I would put in my own home I promise that I will not send it to you.